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VisitManiac reserves the right to refuse members or members adverts and sites for any reason. This includes the right to delete any account that we feel may harm or abuse our system in any way.

We do NOT allow websites containing:
More than one popup
Frame Breakers
Fly-in ads
Illegal Investment Programs
Horrible Investment Surfs
Adult Material
Bad language
Auto installing software
Illegal business
Text that is not written in English
PTP Sites or any other site that opens a page inside a page
However Rotators Exp From PageSwirl Will be accepted
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Members are strictly prohibited from artificially accumulating Credits (Page views to their sites) to their account by any means and cheaters will be removed and banned.

VisitManiac uses Paypal and Alertpay Only as a form of taking payments and we are not part of the Paypal or Alertpay company nor can we accept any loss or damage for their use. We also use Paypal and Alertpay to pay out commissions.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions and discontinue this service at any time without notification.

We reserve the right to put on hold any VisitManiac account if we are investigating your account with us for wrongful use.

If an account is deleted you will lose all Credits,Cash, Advertising in the account at the time of deletion including any part left in a membership subscription.

If you want to cancel an upgrade or delete your account you must login to your Paypal account and cancel the subscription from there. We can not do this as all premium memberships are automatic using our IPN system. If you fail to cancel your subscription at your payment processor and it sends future payments to us, we are unable to refund them as traffic credits etc will have been added to your account already.

Abuse of the affiliate system including but not limited to account stacking (signing up for another account in order to gain referral traffic credits in the original account) will result in an investigation and possible deletion of your account or the removal of part of or complete service and offer offered to you.

The offering of false claims or money to get members to sign up below you is classed as misuse and accounts may be deleted.

The signing up of non-English accounts in order to get affiliate bonuses will result in termination of whole or part of service for both you and the introduced member(s).

Special offers are for a limited time only and can be withdrawn from the system at any time.(even before offer end date)

Contests offering Traffic Credits& Cash as prizes can be withdrawn at any time if we feel the contest has been made unfair or altered or won by means lead to believed to be cheating or similar.

By joining VisitManiac you agree to recieve offers and updates from ourselves up to twice a day maximum. (This excludes any system notices you may recieve automatically for inactive accounts etc) Mail outs from us may contain private advertisements of a product or service offered not by ourselves.

We are an advertising program only and not a form of investment like those horrible investment surf sites.

Payments to us for premium memberships are made by you monthly for advertising.

Use of our Traffic system and other services we provide is at members own risk and we can not be held responsible for loss or damage to any information.

Upon use of this service you agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not want to agree do not sing up.


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